MTL Tanks

A mouth to lung tank is a clearomizer that emulates the draw of a cigarette. Vaping on an MTL ecig involves a two-part process: first draw vapor in the mouth, and then inhale it to the lungs

Sub Ohm Tanks

The resistance of a coil used in the atomizers is defined in ohms, which loosely defines the amount of current the coil will allow to pass through it. … While the usual range is between 1.5 ohms and 3 ohms, but when you use a vaporizer whose atomizer coil has a resistance less than 1 ohm, this is called sub-ohm vaping


RDA’s are types of RBA. The RTA. RDA (Rebuildable Drip Atomizer) is a dripper system.  In other words, you physically wrap a coil, attach it to the system and add a wick.